The latest Dominos &Gaple 2020 is here!

The latest Dominos &Gaple 2020 is here!

The latest Dominos &Gaple 2020 is here!

A collection of Indonesia and ASEAN favorite card games in one app.

Indonesia 7’s most popular games can be played with only 1 application! You can beat all the card owners in the world whenever and wherever you are online!

Game introduction:

Domino 99:99 is the most common Domino game in Indonesia. Also known as “99 Dominoes,” using a set of Domino CARDS (28 CARDS), divide the four CARDS into two pairs of the highest or highest combination.

Domino Gaple: Gaple is also one of the most popular Domino games in Indonesia, using 28 Domino CARDS. Each player can only place 1 card at a time. The selected card must have the same number of points as the desktop and connect the other points into a line.

Domino Qiu Qiu: A multiplayer Domino card game in which a declarer fights against multiple players. There are 4 zones to choose from. If the score of the zone is higher than that of the banker when it is opened, the player wins. Otherwise, the player loses.

Poker: A popular poker game in Asia. Played by 2-4 players, each player gets 13 CARDS and divides them into three groups of CARDS: 3-5-5. Compare the three groups and calculate the total score.

Slot machines: The world’s simplest casino game. Just rotate the machine and get the item in line 1 to win the prize!

Sic Bo: A dice game in which players place bets in a specific area and when the dice show the corresponding number, you win!

Dragon Tiger: This is a multiplayer casual game. win

With so many interesting and exciting games, who can wait any longer? Invite your friends, download and have fun.