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An exciting game – Domino!!!

An exciting game – Domino!!!

Do you need to take a break and play a classic game from your childhood? Dominoes are the best bet!

With 3 exciting game modes and 3 difficulty levels, you can play dominoes the way you like! Choose your favorite, rest and relax, and play this converted basic game at any speed that suits you! Set your own victory score, select your variant, and start playing.

Draw dominoes: The purest, simplest form of domino. Just match the Numbers on the two tiles and you win.

Square Domino: a very similar variant that will allow you to scramble for solutions – there’s no extra attempt here – if you can’t figure out your next move, you’ll skip your turn.

All five Dominoes: If you want a challenge, all five are variants you should go. Requiring quick thinking and quick counting, this variant will ensure that the tiles you place are multiples of 5.

You can play all of these variants with the help of an intuitive user interface that lets you play with one hand and gives you all the tools you need to learn this humbug difficult classic board game. What are you waiting for? Take a break, install the game and start placing those tiles!

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