Gaple Online

Gaple Online

This game is very popular among indonesian because of the game play that is very simple and easy for many people to understand. This is applies only to the starter player or newbie only because if you play long enough already, you will know the trick of how to play this game with bigger percentage winning chance.

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This trick that we share here will make you have bigger chance of winning. Winning will be easily achieved after you learn this trick so keep reading this article for your information.

For this Gaple Online game, have few things that you guys need to know before trying to play this game.

1. Every Gaple game played by min 2 people and max 4 people.

2. Every player get 7 piece of cards to play.

3. From 7 cards you got, if you have 5 balak card ( both side count same example 3|3 or 4|4 card ), the game will be restarted because of the card will make that 1 player to surely win the game with no effort.

4. If the card that you have and the card in the table not match in this turn you play, then your turn will be skipped.

5. When one of the player is winning the game, the game will be over and the card left in hand will be counted.

6. If all player cannot play already because of there is no card available to play, then the game is over and the card left in hand will be counted with the lowest hand will be the winner

7. Player who win in the round before will play first.

This is the rules and few things we need to know before we start play Gaple. Now we will continue to say about the few trick that i will share to you guys about this Gaple Online Game.

1. Make Sure To Play Big Number Balak First ( 6|6 or 5|5 )
2. Play Safe By Throw Out Card With Big Total Number
3. You Need To Take Caution Of Your Own Cards
4. Play With Risky Method ( Foresee/Guess Other Player Card )
5. Remember To Always Check What Card That Already Played In Table

This is few things that you guys need to always remember when you guys want to play Domino Gaple Game. This trick that i gave you is not hard to understand and you guys can master it in only few days learning.