Domino68 is the best domino game available today.

Domino68 is the best domino game available today.

Domino68 is the best domino game available today. Play 2 and 4 player Domino games in real time with friends, family and random opponents. That’s how dominoes are played! Don’t you feel social? Then switch it and challenge our AI robot! Domino68 provides countless hours of pure Domino action for beginners and advanced players!

• Live online with 2 or 4 players
• play Domino68 with your Facebook friends anytime, anywhere
• Exciting, fast-paced All Fives moves
• Upgrade to earn rankings and bonuses
• Track important statistics such as wins/odds, total wins, and more
• Check the player CARDS of other players to see how you can win the competition
• Challenge your skills with opponents at three levels: easy, intermediate and Guru
• Custom game using various domino skins and avatars
• Play our exciting mini-games SpinWheel, Scratcher and HI/LO, win domino chips and other in-game prizes
• Play in nine beautifully rendered 3D rooms, from our laid-back sports bar to the high-brow treasure hunt. Other rooms include our old Havana Street, fun rock ‘n ‘roll, competitive sports bar, high-energy nightclubs, tropical Hawaii, lush private jets, luxurious Louis XIII and Internet Arena!
• Log in via social media or choose to become a visitor by stealth

Multiplayer Domino game
Domino68 was the first domino app to offer true multiplayer gameplay for 2 – and 4-player games. You can compete with others as if you’re all sitting at the same table, including your FB friends and strangers. It’s like spending a virtual domino night with friends!

Full set of functions
Domino68 has features that Domino players want. From statistical tracking, to achievement and ranking, that’s the total! Domino68 offers a perfect blend of 2d and 3d graphics to simplify the game and provide the best user experience. We even offer three challenge levels against our AI robots, so novice players can gain experience and confidence before challenging their friends. Even the most advanced players will find worthy opponents when they train with our Guru robots.

There are many different variations of Domino, including the Mexican train, 42, all 3, all 5, and The Macintyre. We chose to offer All Fives Dominoes (sometimes referred to simply as 5S) because it offers the best domino experience at All levels. From beginners to the most advanced players, all five face constant challenges. In All Fives, it begins when a set of 28 dominoes are dealt, so that each player has 7 (dominoes) hands. The player with the trim box (usually a domino with six points on each side) first places it on the board. Then, in turn, the player tries to score by placing the bones so that the endpoints add up to an integer equal to 5. Play smart, so you don’t have to pull out the bones or plan ahead to stop your opponent. Get ready, because the crowd is easy and the score is quick, because the Domino Master plays faster than poker, bingo, and card games.

Best Domino Game
We believe that we have carefully considered every important detail of domino and provided the best experience. Hope you have a good time!

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