Domino has become one of the world’s most famous board games

Domino has become one of the world’s most famous board games

Originating in 12th century China, domino has become one of the world’s most famous board games. Now you can play it on your phone! Our dominoes are strategic games that help develop logical thinking and enhance memory. In our domino game, you can choose from three game modes:

5 times point Domino, blocking domino and solitaire Domino.

Play the classic DOMINO68 tile game with 1-3 computer opponents.

Applets, only about. 8 MB.

Offline work – no Internet connection to play.

At the start of the game, select the number of players you want in the game (including yourself). Other players are controlled by computers.

Then select the score (50,100 or 200) that will be the goal of the race.

How to play DOMINO:

Dominoes is an ancient game played with rectangular tiles called “dominoes”, marked with 0 to 6 dots. The goal of the game is to move as few dominoes as possible, preferably in front of your opponent. You can play dominoes by pairing them with dominoes that are placed on the table. You can place one domino per turn, but only if you can find a tile with a matching number of points on the table to form a pair. If you can’t pair, you get locked and move on to the next player.

The round ends when the player runs out of dominoes, or when all the players are locked. Points are awarded for each round, and are usually played for several rounds in a row until a player reaches the points agreed upon before the game begins.

Winning tip: Don’t smoke too many new dominoes. You need to use up your dominoes to win!

Remember, practice will help you win dominoes!

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