Tips How to play Domino

Tips How to play Domino

In this article, we will discuss how, tips and guides for playing domino games in the Crown Games game app. After previously the admin has given you an overview of how, tips, a brief history and also a guide to playing poker games in the Crown Games app, now we will provide an overview of the Domino game, so read on until below. If you don’t understand the gameplay. please read the Basics way to play Domino First.

Domino Cards

Best Way Win Playing Domino Games

Well, we will start from the basics, yes, some of you readers will know that the number of dominoes is 28 cards.

For this Domino game, the maximum number of players who can play in one round is 7 people. This game has a way of playing like a poker game with a Check / Fold, Raise and All In system. Each player gets the first three cards. After the first 3 cards are dealt, players can combine cards and decide whether to play or not play in the game round.

Card combinations

If the player has a good card combination, they can make in-game calls or Raise according to your wishes. When one last card has been dealt, then you can decide whether to Call, Check / Fold, Raise or All In. Domino game system is almost the same as poker. The highest card combination for this Domino game is Qiu Qiu.

The way to count cards in the Domino game is to do the calculations on the domino card circle. Keep in mind that the highest card count is 9 or Qiu. If on the first 3 cards that are open you can count your first 2 total cards and when the last card has been dealt, then you can calculate what the total value of the cards you got at that time.

How to count the cards


You need to remember if the total number of card circles exceeds 9, then the calculation starts all over again. For example, if you have a card with a total of 15, the total value of the card is 5.

After you get the last card, the third card will be combined with the last card that was just dealt to get the value of the number you have. In simple terms, let’s divide the four total cards into 2 parts. The left side is the first two cards dealt, then the right side is the last two cards. Get the total value of the card and it will be the value of your card in this game. Keep in mind that the first card is trying to get a Qiu combination to increase your chances of winning.

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